The basic bail bond training and Continuing Education Classes are held at 205 3rd St., Steelville Missouri 65565

The minimum class size is 3 people for continuing education classes and no maximum. Most any days.
Basic bail bond classes are indicated on the page. 
The fee for the basic class is $200.00
The standard fee for the continuing education class is $50.00 You will need to pay in advance please go to the pay tab.
Call 573-722-4713 for any questions. 


Next Classes are  January 2021 9th and 10th from 8:00am to 8:30 pm

February 2021 class is the 6th and 7th from 8am to 8:30 pm

March Class is 20th and 21st from 8am to 8:30 pm

April class is 10th and 11th from 8am to 8:30 pm









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